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Wicrypt Gigabit Router

Wicrypt Gigabit Router

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Gigabit Router is a high capacity device without an internal battery and can maintain up to 500 concurrent client connections. This product is designed to provide users with 3G/4G high-speed of up to 1GB Internet access for most countries and operators in the world.



  • CPU: 2980U/1.6ghz, 4GB/RAM+32GB/SSD Network Card Chipset: intel i211 wifi Network card: AzureWave AW-NU706H RT3070L Gigabit speed
  • Fast and stable Wi-Fi devices. Up to 1Gbps speed. WiFi modem For 4G network with CAT4 1GB downstream bandwidth.
  • LAN Ports: 5
  • 9dBi detachable Omnidirectional antenna support
  • GPS enabled
  • 1 USB Interface
  • Allows connectivity of 500 concurrent users
  • Covers a distance of about 500m
  • WNT (Wicrypt Network Token) Mining Enabled
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